Chulilla 19/20 Feb

I arrive in Chulilla on 18th Feb and looking for a climbing partner for a couple of days. I'll be climbing in the 7a-7c range, but happy to belay you on anything. I'm a safe and attentive belayer, 10+ yrs climbing experience.

Country: Spain
Listing created Jan 10, 2020

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Pablo L

1 year ago

Hi Ian, I could be there on 21th of February for 5 or 6 days. I do the same range 7a / 7c.

I don't have my flight or accommodation yet.

I climbed in many other Spanish crags but never in Chulilla. How doy you get the village from the airport, friends told me that hire a car is not worst it.

Ian A

1 year ago

Hi Pablo,

I'm afraid I'm only looking for partners through to the 20th.

I've only ever got to Chulilla using a car, it is about a 45min drive from Valencia airport, so really easy close.

The village is just off a main road so I guess there may also be options by bus, but I've never investigated whether that is possible.


Pablo L

1 year ago

Oh I see, well thanks for the info, I hope you find someone.

Have a nice climbing


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