Information about Climb BnB

How it works

How it works

As a user of Climb BnB you can search and list all kinds of accommodations, gear, services and events to participate in. In this section you can find answers to the most common questions and inspiration for listings you want to offer other climbers.

“How can I search the listings?”

The are basically two options when you want to search for something specific: 1) The big search field in the top. Here you can search for words that could be in the titel, features or description of the listing. 2) The check-box filter. Here you can narrow down your search, so only the listings with these features are shown. Be careful that you uncheck or start over, so former criteria are not messing up your new searches.

“What are the differences between the types of places?”

Places to stay can either be: 1) The entire home, whether it is a house, an apartment, a cabin, a boat or something else. This type of accommodation will have their own toilet and kitchen/kitchenette. 2) Own room means that you will have privacy, properly with the option to lock your room and maybe with access to your own toilet. 3) Shared room means that other people will stay in the room, either as the owner of the home or as other guests who share the room with you. 4) Campsite is a private or commercial piece of ground where you can park your car and/or place a tent or caravan.

“What can I do to make my listing(s) more interesting?”

Try to think like a visiting climber and take a look around your place, network and local area for facilities, equipment and activities that you yourself would appreciate if you were visiting. It can be practical stuff, something to enjoy or activities that might be a bit difficult to access as a non-local. Go through your listing(s) to see if the pictures and and the texts are descriptive and precise enough to give viewers a good idea of the experience. Contact us if you come up with new categories of listings you think should be added.

“What does it take to rent out my place, gear or service?

Besides signing up as a user and list your home, gear or service, you have to obey the rules in your country and area. It is your responsibility to have the right permissions, licenses, reports, etc according to the relevant law.

“What to do if nobody show up or if someone brakes something?”

You should contact the user and let them know. Most people are reliable and helpful, so expect that from other climbers. If that is not the case, then the review system is how  We are working on adding deposit as an option, which can help cover the costs.