Eric G

I love climbing and I love Colombia, so I want to give people the opportunity to experience those two things I love by offering climbing tourism in Colombia.
I am Colombian born and raised and have been climbing in the Colombian outdoors since the age 14. I went to college in Nashville, Tennessee and got to meet a ton of awesome people and climb at some amazing crags. When I graduated from college, I came back to Colombia and decided that climbing is something I want to do full-time, and what better way to make it so by showing climbers around a new place?
So come climb with me and let me show you around this gorgeous country!
You can find more pictures of what you can expect here:

P.S. Giving money to strangers online can be sketchy, so if you'd rather not pay the full amount of the trip that you'd like to be a part of up-front, you can make half the payment before the trip and the other half when I pick you up in Colombia! Don't hesitate to contact me!

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